• Redesigned exterior highlighted by one-piece Spindle Grille
  • Refined interior with a further expanded extensive list of amenities
  • New eight-speed automatic transmission
  • Enhanced safety features including Lexus Safety System +
  • Upgraded multimedia with larger 12.3-inch screen and remote touch interface

Dubai, UAE, 22 October 2015: Al-Futtaim Motors, exclusive distributor of Lexus in the UAE, has launched today the 2016 Lexus LX 570 luxury SUV in the UAE, featuring a sweeping upgrade on the exterior, interior, safety features and drivability.

The stronger and luxurious feel of the new LX 570 has been further reinforced through the restyled front design wearing an even bolder rendition of the Lexus signature spindle grille, complemented by distinctive new standard triple full LED headlights. The rear design features a powerful stance expressed through the side silhouette and rear fenders.

As for the refined new interior, with the exception of the third row, headrest and flooring, almost every part of the interior cabin has been upgraded. As with other recent Lexus vehicles, the interior layout of the new LX 570 has been designed following the Lexus’ Human Oriented concept which locates controls in an easily accessible area closer to the driver, for a much more convenient and safer operation.

Power delivery and fuel economy have been improved, with the inclusion of a new eight-speed automatic transmission that replaces the old six-speed one.

The new LX 570 offers adjustable drive modes, allowing the drivers to select drive modes suitable for the situation, or matching their preferred driving styles. While the Comfort mode gives them the smoothest ride, and Sport and Sport+ increasingly firm up the suspension and steering, the Eco mode does its best to enhance fuel efficiency by controlling the vehicle characteristics to suit Eco-friendly driving.

A new suite of safety features called Lexus Safety System + on the new LX 570 and aims to prevent accidents while enabling the driver to cruise confidently and safely. The package includes a pre-crash system with pedestrian detection, all-speed dynamic radar cruise control, Lane Departure Alert, and Automatic High Beam.

“The new luxury LX represents the latest Lexus’ design direction, expressiveness and performance,” said Chris Buxton, General Manager of Lexus Sales at Al-Futtaim Motors. “The new vehicle continues to up the ante of the luxury SUV driving – thanks to its new styling, performance, technology and luxury features,”

He added: “With the new LX offering distinctive design, first-class environment, unmatched comfort, and outstanding performance, coupled with the best aftersales experience we provide at Al-Futtaim Motors, we are confident that this vehicle will further solidify its leading position in the luxury SUV segment in the UAE.”

Powerfully elegant design

The exterior of the 2016 Lexus LX combines the power of an SUV with the inherent luxury befitting a Lexus flagship. The front profile provides a sense of stability with its daringly muscular lower portion, while the side profile emphasizes a refined yet bold and dynamic underbody and the rear cuts a sturdy yet graceful outline.

The spindle grille projects a sense of strength and elegance, and symbolizes the ever-evolving nature of Lexus. The lower portion of the grille takes on a protective shape while the inner grille bar juts out energetically from the hood and merges with the grille frame to form a single hard surface. Sequential LED turn signal lamps are utilized in a Lexus vehicle for the first time. These innovative lamps light up in a flowing sequence, increasing visibility when turning right or left.

Also available from Lexus for the first time are 21-inch aluminum wheels. The combination of machine-cut highlights and metallic grey, and the addition of a new center ornament, together generate a luxurious feel.

The 2016 Lexus LX will be available in 7 exterior colours, including two new colours; Sonic Titanium and Deep Blue MC. All the 7 colours were carefully selected to reflect the LX’s dynamic surface and are developed through a multi-stage paint process that gives Lexus models their deep, jewel-like lustre.

Premium, tech-loaded interior

The LX’s highly functional interior exudes a luxurious feel through the juxtaposition of such contrasting materials as metal, leather and wood grain. The horizontally positioned instrument panel enables the driver to easily assess the position and stance of the vehicle, a core requirement for any true SUV.

A new interior atmosphere has been created by separating the display zone from the operation zone and incorporating remote operation devices such as the Remote Touch Interface. The new, larger 12.3-inch navigation screen can show several view combinations to help aid the driver, while a larger, 4.2-inch TFT multi-information display screen has been installed on the new, high-visibility Optitron meter. The LX 570 puts more information directly into the driver’s line of sight with the newly available Head-up Display (HUD), which shows information such as vehicle speed, Dynamic Radar Cruise Control, warnings, information icons, and more.

The 2016 LX 570 is designed to please passengers. The Rear Seat Entertainment System uses dual 11.6-inch screens in place of the former 7.0-inch screens. The luxury touches continue with the Lexus-exclusive Mark Levinson Reference Surround Sound Audio System. This premium sound system combines high performance, high output amplifiers with an exclusively developed 19-speaker system configured with two channels. The LX also has a navigation system that can now display a 1280x480 sized image which enables switching between a full-screen or an 8-inch display of the map.

The LX is also available with Lexus’ advanced climate concierge concept. In addition to the 4-zone independent automatic temperature control, Lexus Climate Concierge meticulously controls the seat and steering wheel heaters, to which the occupants come in direct contact, in order to achieve comfort that can be felt with the whole body in each seat. An ECO air conditioning mode has also been added which when activated suppresses cooler and heater operation to contribute towards power consumption reduction.

In terms of the front seats, a 10-way power seat for the driver along with an 8-way power seat for the passenger is available to allow for seat adjustment with a reclining, fore-aft slider, vertical adjuster, lumbar support, cushion front tilt, and cushion length adjustment. The 2nd-row seat has a one-touch tumble structure that can fold down the 40 split seat on the front passenger's side with one operation. The 3rd-row seat is available as a semi-power and full-power seat designed to increase space, and when necessary, the seat can be folded to increase cargo space. For the seats, a pre-tensioner and 2-stage force limiter mechanism has been adopted for the front seatbelts while 3-point ELR seatbelts have been adopted for all the second and third row seats.

Outstanding performance and versatility

The Lexus LX 570’s formidable 5.7-liter V8 engine produces 362 horsepower and delivers 90 percent of its peak torque at just 2,000 rpm.

Combined with a super intelligent, electronically controlled eight-speed automatic transmission, the Lexus LX demonstrates easy acceleration on-road and ample power at low and medium speeds off-road. The outstanding performance of the LX 570 comes courtesy of the following features:

  • Handling is improved by virtue of Variable Gear Ratio Steering (VGRS), which adjusts the steering gear ratio according to the speed of the vehicle to provide outstanding maneuverability and cruising stability.
  • The newly available Drive Mode Select allows the LX 570 driver to tailor powertrain and suspension responses by selecting drive modes suitable for the situation, or to match their preferred driving style, thus heightening driving pleasure. Modes include ECO, which adjusts powertrain responses and air conditioning to prioritize fuel-efficient driving; COMFORT mode optimizes Adaptive Variable Suspension (AVS) damping to help deliver the smoothest ride possible; SPORT S mode dials up powertrain response and dials down power steering assist to yield a sportier driving feel, whilst the SPORT S+ mode adds firmer damping control from AVS to prioritize handling agility. Moreover, the suspension of the LX comprises of a high mount, double wishbone suspension in the front which further enhances ride comfort and handling performance.
  • A Customize Mode has been included for the first time among the drive mode settings on a Lexus. Upon selection of Customize Mode, the powertrain, chassis, and air conditioning controls can each be freely adjusted. This enables the driver to select a driving mode better suited to his or her preferences. The system also controls responses of the Adaptive Variable Suspension, which continually adjusts shock absorber damping rates while driving, helping to ensure optimal comfort even as the road surface changes.
  • To complement the Drive Mode Select switch, the LX comes equipped with 4-Wheel Active Height Control (AHC) suspension, which automatically controls vehicle height in various situations. For example, when the Lexus-first Easy Access feature is active, vehicle height is lowered when the engine is turned off in order to facilitate entry and exit. In addition, AVS automatically adjusts the attenuation force of the suspension to suit the prevailing driving conditions, naturally and smoothly controlling the vehicle's vibrations and providing outstanding comfort, maneuverability, and stability. Together, both the AVS and AHC contribute to excellent off-road driving performance with driving stability.
  • The LX’s Crawl Control feature provides optimum throttle and brake modulation when maneuvering over rough, uneven or difficult terrain, allowing the vehicle to be operated at extremely low speeds through use of the steering wheel alone, without the need to use the accelerator or brake pedals on slippery road surfaces or during rugged off-road driving. It also enables driving with ease on gravel or mogul covered roads. The Crawl Control speed control has been changed from the 3-step type to a 5-step type to allow for further detailed control. A turn assist function has also been added to Crawl Control to enhance drivability on tight corners where K-turns are necessary.
  • The Multi-Terrain Select switch increases AWD performance by optimizing traction and brake control. When driving with Crawl Control implemented, turn assist functions are engaged to enhance turning capabilities. This reduces the number of times the steering wheel has to be turned when executing tight turns, thus making the driver's job easier.

The LX also has a dual tank system which has been changed to an automatic fuel transfer system with a 93-liter main tank and a 45-liter sub tank for a total capacity of 138 liters. The fuel system is designed so that when refueling, fuel can be supplied to both tanks from one refueling port.

Advanced safety technologies offered along with Lexus Safety System+

The LX also scores highly when it comes to offering comprehensive protection for passengers. Ten standard airbags are among the comprehensive occupant protection measures in the LX 570, which comes loaded with a wide array of advanced safety technologies integrated in the Lexus Safety System+.

These include the following technologies:

  • Pre-Crash System (PCS): Using a combination of millimeter-wave radar and a front-facing camera, PCS detects vehicles, and, in some circumstances, pedestrians; the system warns the driver of a possible collision and can initiate automatic braking with Brake Assist if necessary
  • Lane Departure Alert (LDA): This technology alerts the driver if the vehicle is drifting from its lane. Lane Departure Alert uses a camera to monitor visible lane markings, and if it senses the vehicle is drifting from the lane, it alerts the driver with an audio-visual alert and steering wheel vibration.
  • Adaptive Hi-beam System: This technology selectively blocks sections of high beams that might interfere with the vision of preceding and on-coming vehicles. It adjusts high- and low-beam illumination automatically when it detects oncoming traffic or the taillights of the vehicle traveling in front
  • All-Speed Dynamic Radar Cruise Control: This completes the entire package by ensuring that a safe distance is maintained from the preceding vehicle.

Some additional vital safety features and technologies are also included on the LX. While the LX offers excellent all-around visibility, drivers can appreciate the extra help from the available Blind Spot Monitor (BSM) with Rear Cross Traffic Alert (RCTA). BSM monitors any vehicles to the rear that are difficult to see with the door mirrors, plus an area in adjacent lanes of up to about 60 meters to the rear, and then notifies the driver of any rapidly approaching vehicles, while RCTA utilizes the BSM radar to detect and notify the driver of vehicles approaching from the rear left or right when reversing out of car parks. There is also a Multi-terrain Anti-lock Brake System (ABS), which, in addition to the standard ABS function of preventing wheels from locking up during braking, provides outstanding braking performance even when driving off-road. This is complemented by Electronic Brake force Distribution (EBD) and Brake Assist functionality.

The LX is also equipped with Multi-terrain Monitors, a system of four cameras that monitor conditions around the vehicle. The system allows the driver to check the road conditions in six blind spot areas around the vehicle, both on and off the road, and facilitates driving on narrow roads or moving over to the road shoulder. In addition, as a Lexus first, the LX features an under-floor view that allows the driver to check both conditions under the vehicle and tire positions while driving off-road.

The 2016 Lexus LX is available for sale in the UAE across all Lexus showrooms starting from AED 385,000.