Dalma Malhas: Taking The Big Stride Forward

Striding into the glory, holding the reins of her ambitions.

That’s how incredibly dramatic Dalma Malhas’ life has been so far as a professional equestrian.

An extremely gifted showjumper and horse rider, Dalma Malhas has many milestones to her sporting career. 

She is the first female Saudi showjumper to qualify for the World Championship, and the first female to represent Saudi Arabia in an Olympic event (YOG). 

She is also the winner of the coveted Sheikh MBR Creative Sports Award in 2011.

Dalma began riding at the tender age of 4. Being an extraordinarily skilled and hard-working athlete, at the age of 12, she travelled to Rome to compete in prominent show jumping competitions.

She lives by her mother’s valuable lesson - To be fully committed to what you truly believe in. This has helped her remain extremely determined, disciplined and focused on her goals.

Dalma never fails to mention how much her mother, who was also a bona fide equestrian, has been a source of inspiration to her. Dalma took after her mother, who would enjoy partaking in competitions.

Dalma’s childhood was spent around horses as her parents owned an equestrian centre in Jeddah. That’s how, and where, she seems to have found her passion for riding. 

Dalma shares an intense and unique bond with her horse, that echoes in her expression when she often says, “Horseback riding is the only sport where two souls have to behave as one.”

As a part of her training routine, every time Dalma has a competition to prepare for, she cuts away from the rest of the world and is only connected with her horse.  And, like a true professional, she spends hours each day, practicing and working to hone her unique skills and techniques.

Dalma may have been blessed with a trail of success at a young age, but her eyes remain fixed on the trophy at the Olympic Games.

If there is any ride, other than her horse, that has managed to impress Dalma, it is the Lexus UX. Being an ardent pursuer of perfection, elegance and performance, it is no surprise that she enjoys every moment behind the wheel of her Lexus.

According to Dalma, her horse is a fitting companion to gallop towards her dreams, and her Lexus UX is a perfect reminder of how incredible the drive is going to be.


Lexus UX