Inspire a Legacy with Lexus LX 2021

Legacy is born out of a drive to create something greater that lives on and is celebrated.

With Lexus LX, unleash your best and make an unforgettable impact on the world, for generations to come.

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Hear it from Nahla Al Fahad

Nahla Al Fahad, UAE’s leading commercial film director, aspires to take the Emirati Cinema to the global platform in honour of the UAE. Hear her story of passion and success and be part of her limitless journey.

Her life has been an amalgamation of grit and power and she has overcome all the challenges life threw on her with confidence and courage.She hopes to pass on her greatest life lessons to the future generations. Luxury, precision, speed, and excellence has defined her journey.What’s been driving it all through and have been an integral part is Lexus, and its inspiring legacy.

Let her story unfold the inspiration because only when you closely witness someones else's story, you can be inspired to write your own

Lexus LX - Flagship of the Lexus Brand

Lexus LX personifies luxury and excellence. With the evocative design, precise performance and imaginative technology, Lexus LX is engineered to last. Legacy that inspires the future are made up of aspiration, dreams, and determination. Own the emblem of luxury and drivethe family SUV to experience a timeless journey and inspire a legacy for times to come.

Inspire a legacy with the Lexus LX.