A STRIKINGLY LOW CENTER OF GRAVITY Experience the future of Lexus high performance. The low center of gravity and dynamic stance of the taut body project a powerful presence, highlighting the bold three-dimensional form that accentuates the LC’s coupe agility
LED REAR COMBINATION LAMPS The increasingly strong sequential illumination of the signature L-shaped rear combination lamps is created by an innovative multi-reflection effect using a one-way mirror. The lamp structure enhances illumination depth while enabling thin lamps that minimize intrusion into the luggage space.
MULTI STAGE HYBRID SYSTEM The Multi Stage Hybrid System’s 10-speed shift control provides a direct acceleration feel that follows the increase in engine rpms, together with excellent shifting rhythm. The Multi Stage Shift Device varies the combined output of the engine and motor, amplifying engine power and increasing drive force by 24%
TAKUMI CRAFTSMANSHIP Just like our world famous LFA supercar, the LC is built by Takumi craftspeople. Their 20+ years of experience means they have the ability to detect the tiniest of imperfections.
NEXT-GENERATION REMOTE TOUCHPAD The newly-developed, advanced touchpad surface enables simple touchpad operation, letting users interact intuitively with the audio and navigation systems on the 10.3-inch EMV display, providing easy control of both systems.
POP UP HOOD The innovative PUH helps to provide pedestrian protection in the event of a frontal collision, and at the same time enables a sporty design with a low hood line. When sensors mounted in the front bumper determine that the vehicle has collided with a pedestrian, the hood instantly pops up on four fulcrum points to create a space to help absorb the impact force.
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