2020 Lexus RC F
2020 Lexus RC F
THE RACING PERFORMANCE Unrestrained racing performance shapes every contour of the all-new Lexus RC F. This dynamic, purposeful styling begins with an exclusive spindle grille that features integrated cooling ducts in the lower corners and outer front bumper.
2020 Lexus RC F
BOLD FROM ALL ANGLES From the side, a muscular hood silhouette hints at the phenomenal engine power within, while specially crafted 19" aluminium wheels reinforce racing prowess. At the back, an active rear wing blends in with the sports coupe and only deploys for greater stability at over 80 km/h.
PERFORMANCE The RC F adopts an 8-Speed SPDS (Sport Direct Shift) transmission that has a dual nature: an 8-speed AT mode with the smooth gear changes for pleasant agile driving, an 8-speed MT mode for all-out sports driving enjoyment. Tuning appropriate for an “F” model has been conducted for SPORT mode with G AI-SHIFT control, helping achieve a further dynamic driving.
5000cc V8
471hp / 7100rpm
53.0kg-m / 4800rpm
2020 Lexus RC F
LAUNCH CONTROL Featured on every RC F, new Launch Control is a key component of the vehicle’s lightning-fast acceleration off the line.
LAP TIMER FUNCTION A lap timer function is available, which is operated by a switch on the steering wheel.
G-FORCE DISPLAY G-force display in the center meter ring displays the magnitude and direction of G forces acting on the vehicle. The amount of steering operation, throttle opening, and brake hydraulic fluid pressure are displayed together on the multi-information display in the meter, along with a history of maximum G.
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