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Used Lexus LS500 for Sale in The UAE!

For years, Lexus was seen as the big contender to the mighty BMW. However, with the LS500 Lexus finally decided to stop going toe-to-toe with the Berlin Motor Works, and focus on refining their own identity. The LS500 captures that, with truly distinctive styling, that unquestionably good Lexus build quality, and performance that’s good enough to make those German rivals really sit up and take notice.

The Lexus LS500 is a confident response to market demands for a premium quality saloon that can also pack a performance punch on the road. Underneath that sleek, long bonnet sits a V6 engine that can growl its way up to 60mph in around 5 seconds – not bad for such a big, solid car. The stiff suspension makes handling responsive and sharp, yet totally manageable. It loves twisty, open roads, but will sit happily in rush hour traffic without missing a beat.

Inside, the cabin is luxurious leather all around, with a well-laid-out dash resplendent with the latest on-board navigation systems and responsive safety features such as the world’s first pedestrian detection, and active steering. Lane deviation alarms and rear parking sensors make the driver experience a pleasurable and safe one, while passengers benefit from acres of legroom and independent environmental controls.

At Al Futtaim, we have some of the best pre-owned Lexus LS500s just waiting for you to take on a test drive. They’ve all been thoroughly inspected by qualified technicians and come with our 4-year warranty so you can buy with confidence. If you’ve never experienced a Lexus, why not rectify that right now and book your test drive with Al Futtaim today?

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