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Used Lexus IS200t for Sale in The UAE!

Originally designed to go wheel-to-wheel with the iconic BMW3-series, the Lexus IS200t is a compact, nippy saloon with an excellent pedigree and a punchy, aggressive straight-six engine. It’s not an entry-level Lexus, but it’s certainly one of their more affordable models, which makes it popular with young professionals. Despite its lower price-point, it holds its value remarkably well, and demand is high for showroom-condition used IS200ts.

That lower-case ‘t’ in the title denotes that most desirable of features in a modern saloon – a turbo. It spins up low on the rev range, giving the Lexus a respectable 0-60mph time of around seven seconds, putting it in the same class as some of the biggest German names in the class. It’s a hefty car, but that turbo and the straight-six engine delivers plenty of grunt, which makes it surprisingly sharp on traffic-light pull-aways. A firm suspension set-up minimises body roll and makes cornering smooth, as you would expect from a Lexus.

Inside the cabin you have all the luxury you want, including on-board navigation and a good audio entertainment system. You also have the Lexus’ excellent active safety package, which includes lane departure mitigation system and a pre-collision system that applies the brakes if it senses an obstacle ahead. It also has adaptive cruise control, which is useful for long-distance journeys.

At Al Futtaim, we have an excellent choice of pre-owned Lexus IS200ts, all of which have been thoroughly inspected by certified technicians, so you can buy with complete confidence. A 4-year warranty gives you total peace of mind, too, making the IS200t a great choice for your next executive car. Call us today to arrange your test drive.

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