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Used Lexus GS350 for Sale in The UAE!

The mid-size sedan market is a crowded one, but standing head and shoulders above its competitors sits the Lexus GS350. Renowned not just for the build quality that you get with any Lexus, but for its flawless handling and responsiveness, the GS350 is a surprisingly agile car. It’s big, it’s got plenty of road presence, but it also has the engine grunt to move it up the road at a blistering pace. A V6 engine with an eight-speed automatic gearbox means it’s incredibly quick through both the low and mid-range, but has the long legs you expect from a sedan to keep going all day long. That makes it ideal around town or out on the open road.

Technically listed as a five-seat sedan, it’s more comfortable with a maximum of four people. There’s plenty of legroom even in the back and, surprisingly for a sedan, plenty of head room too. The emphasis is on comfort, with leather interiors and plenty of features such as on-board navigation and Bluetooth connectivity. The plentiful safety features gives the GS350 a good ENCAP rating, and later models incorporate innovative technology such as lane deviation alarms, pedestrian proximity alarms, and rearview cameras. All of these make the driver experience a good one, but it’s out on the open road where the GS350 really shows its credentials as a real ‘driver’s car’ that’s responsive, sharp, and dynamic.

At Al Futtaim, we’re delighted to offer you the very best in pre-owned Lexus GS350s, all of which have been thoroughly checked by a technician before they make it onto our forecourt. We also give you a 4-year warranty for complete buying confidence, so why not book a test drive today and discover for yourself why the motoring world loves the Lexus GS350 so much.