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Used Lexus GS 350H for Sale!

Hybrids are taking the motoring world by storm. Originally slow and unreliable, the technology has now moved on in leaps and bounds, and top manufacturers like Lexus are now incorporating hybrid technology into all their ranges. The Lexus GS350H brings mid-range luxury sedans up to date with a feisty hybrid engine that’s good for the planet and your wallet.

There’s no compromise on the usual Lexus build quality and cluster of extras that you’ve come to expect from this premium (but reasonably-priced) brand. Inside, the cabin is quiet and spacious, with plenty of leg room for both front and rear passengers. The copious boot has more than enough room to cope with a large amount of luggage, while the additional features include a high-quality in-car audio system, on-board navigation, and various safety features. This is an ideal family car for those who want luxurious motoring, but want to reduce their carbon footprint by using a hybrid rather than a straight petrol engine. The hybrid powertrain is smooth, with absolutely no noticeable difference in power or performance during transition. You’ll still get a lively, spirited ride that you’d expect from the Lexus GS range, but with better fuel consumption.

At Al Futtaim, we have a limited selection of highly desirable and premium quality pre-owned Lexus GS350Hs, all of which represent excellent value for money. Every used GS350H has been fully inspected by our independent and highly qualified technicians, and is also covered by our 4-year warranty, so you can be confident you’re buying a quality used car. With finance packages available, the GS350H is surprisingly affordable, so why not call us and book your test drive today?