Lexus L-Connect Application

Can your car become your very own personal assistant? Well a Lexus can.

Introducing the L-connect Smartphone Navigation app packed with great features, ensuring
an enjoyable driving experience every time. Now you and your Lexus are connected better than ever before.

How to register

If you are a new user, make sure to speak to your Sales Consultant upon purchasing your vehicle. He or she will give you an overview of the application and hand over the L-connect license certificate. The certificate will contain a QR Code that you need to scan to download the L-connect App. Each vehicle will get 1 License that can be used by 5 users, multiple cars within one app.

Lexus L-Connect Application

Connect to the Grid

Finding it hard to explain where you are or where you’d like to go? With the L-Connect App, you are now connected to the Grid. Navigate your way through the city, get updated on speed limits and camera locations around the city with off road maps and location sharing making it extremely easy for a fun and safe journey.

Lexus L-Connect Application

Connect to Luxury

Looking for a specific place, but cannot remember the name? Your very own personal assistant can find it for you and send it straight to your L-Connect App. And that’s not all, you can now book a spot at your favorite restaurant 24 hours/365 days a year.

Lexus L-Connect Application

Connect to Guidance

Get updated with Prayer timings and enjoy a compass function feature that points in the direction of Qibla in Mecca’s Masjid al-Haram.

Lexus L-Connect Application

Connect to our world

Don’t miss out on exciting offers and product launches by staying up to date with our DM feature and push notifications. Get updated on regular check-ups and car service for your Lexus.