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At Lexus, we believe in offering our customers the flexibility to choose their ownership terms while providing great value and the latest range of models.

We offer Leasing by Lexus, which provides our customers the unforgettable experience of driving away with a brand new Lexus as often as it suits them. 

You can have a newer model of what you're already driving or try a completely different Lexus - it's up to you. 

Our leasing program offers you the pleasure of driving the latest models with a low initial down payment and an all-inclusive monthly payment when compared to a traditional finance solution. 

We offer compelling leasing terms for a range of new Lexus models.


  12 Month - Retail  24 Month - Retail  36 Month - Retail 
Model Description Upfront Rental   12 Months Rentals   Upfront Rental   24 Months Rentals   Upfront Rental   36 Months Rentals  
 2020 ES300h Sedan H 2.5L CVT Premier 215 HP 5,0664,7907,7184,29010,2623,790
 2020 RXH SUV H 3.5L CVT Premier 308HP 6,0035,4908,6443,99012,1343,990
 2021 IS300 Sedan P 2.0t AT Premier 241 HP 3,3293,8906,9603,4909,9953,390
 2021 ES Sedan P 3.5L AT Premier 4,2004,6907,3664,29012,8233,890
 2021 LS500h Sedan 3.5L MS Platinum 13,60013,49018,4019,79027,5208,590
 2021 LS350 Sedan P 3.5L AT Prestige 311 HP 9,4018,99014,0097,39019,8496,890
 2021 LC500 Carbon 5.0L V8 11,84911,79020,50010,09025,1128,890
 2021 LC500 Convertible Titanium 5.0L V8 12,89612,59020,07810,39029,2349,290
 2021 UX Premier  5,1134,4907,2063,59011,0543,390
 2021 NX300 Premier 2.0L Turbo 235 HP 5,4485,0907,2833,99012,3973,590
 2021 RX SUV P 3.5L AT Prestige 296HP 5,7235,9909,9504,89014,7064,390
 2021 RXH SUV H 3.5L CVT Premier 308HP 5,5935,2908,4884,49014,7064,390
 2021 GX SUV P 4.6L AT Premier 292HP 5,6445,2909,0723,99013,0503,890
 2021 LX SUV P 5.7L AT Premier 362HP 8,7648,39014,3117,39020,8047,190
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How does Leasing by Lexus work?

  • If you prefer the freedom and hassle free benefits of leasing a vehicle instead of buying it, you get to drive your new Lexus to the end of your contract term and pay only for the agreed mileage. This way, you get to keep upgrading to the latest models. Simply complete and submit the enquiry form and one of our dedicated consultants will contact you.

With Leasing by Lexus, you can enjoy additional benefits that gives you the peace of mind of owning a new vehicle.

  • Free periodic service and maintenance as per manufacturer recommendations
  • Comprehensive Insurance Coverage and Repair
  • Annual Registration Management
  • Fine and Road Toll Administration
  • 24x7 Breakdown Cover & Recovery
  • Passenger Accident Insurance and Accident Management
  • Relief from Administrative Burdens
  • Low upfront payment or deposit
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