Dubai, UAE, 26 April 2015: Beating competition from a total of 1,171 entries from 72 countries, UAE-based designers Emanuela Corti and Ivan Parati won the Grand Prix of this year's Lexus Design Award during a prize-giving ceremony at the Milan Design Week 2015.

“We are very proud that the only finalist from the UAE managed to captivate the judges of Lexus Design Award," said Saud Abbasi, Managing Director of Lexus at Al-Futtaim Motors. “This success speaks volumes of the amazing talent existing in this country especially in the arts and design which sit at the core of the Lexus brand's design approach."

Using the theme “Senses" as the basis for their creation, the duo created “SenseWear", a collection of clothes and accessories that emphasize the use of senses. The primary purpose is to stimulate and improve awareness of the human senses. The outfits are designed either to mute physical sensations or to sharpen them, depending on the need.

“We are extremely proud with this achievement, not only because our hard work finally paid off, but because through SenseWear, we hope to help people with irregular sensory activities who want to engage with their own senses or experience a new perception of their own surroundings; such as autistic children," said Emanuela Corti.

SenseWear prototype consists of a collection of wearable items including BiteMe, HoldMe, PullMe, SqueezeMe, and PumpMe which can be used to emphazise or calm down certain human senses.

BiteMe is a necklace for tasting, touching and shaking. The various beads in the product provide different textures and flavors. It recalls multi-sensory kids toys and can be used to train and discern different tastes and tactile experiences (ideally with the individual's eyes closed).

HoldMe is a hoodie poncho that makes sounds, helping to focalize the wearer's auditory capabilities. It is covered with musical flakes that emit sound in response to movements, while two built-in super ears help the wearer listen to new, unexpected sounds.

PullMe is an aromatic scarf, effectively a portable collection of familiar scents and fragrances that is used to conjure up pleasant moments and comfortable sensations. Its several retractable extensions can be loaded with scents, specimens, or small objects.

SqueezeMe is a multi-purpose scarf for an emotional emergency use. Normally worn around the head, its elastic material stretches around the body in order to generate a deep pressure that would calm wearer like a warm hug. The product’s accurate performance is obtained by the study of a specific laser-cut pattern on the fabric.