Lexus Pre-Owned Showroom Marsa Plaza

Buying your next pre-owned vehicle from a dealership gives you a wealth of advantages over private buying, including finance options, warranties, and even the ability to buy a car online from the comfort of your sofa.

Buying a used car doesn’t mean compromising on quality, luxury, or value for money, either. In fact, you’re buying a car that has already been ‘road tested’ by the previous owner, and choosing a pre-owned Lexus from a respected dealership such as Lexus UAE who specialise in top quality new and used models also gives you true peace of mind.

What to check when buying a car

It’s a big financial investment, so buying a certified pre-owned car deserves a considerable amount of thought before you make your final decision. Questions to ask yourself include do you want a sporty model or something a little more family-friendly? Are you planning any off-road adventures where 4x4 capacity would enhance your driver experience, or do you need something nippy and preferably with a hybrid option for city driving? And what kind of financing are you looking for, and what level of after-sales service are you looking for?

All of these questions point towards the practicality of buying a used car through a respected and trustworthy dealership, rather than taking a chance on a private sale that may be cheaper in the short term, but doesn’t offer you the same level of service and security in the long-term.

Lexus Pre-Owned Showroom Marsa Plaza

Can you buy used cars online?

The simple answer is yes, you can. Buying cars online from Lexus Pre-Owned is simple – just go online to Lexus UAE, choose the vehicle you’re interested in from hundreds of options, and book a test-drive online. All vehicles are fully sanitised and safe, and are delivered to your door so you don’t even have to come to the dealership to take your test drive.

You can arrange finance options online, as well as organising your insurance specifically for your pre-owned Lexus. You have a 14-day exchange guarantee if you change your mind, as well as up to four years’ warranty.

Am I buying a reliable used car?

At Lexus AE, we make sure that every pre-owned car meets our exacting standards. So each vehicle goes through a comprehensive vehicle inspection before it’s put up for sale, and is inspected for quality assurance so that it meets your standards too. Lexus is famous for its attention to detail, so you can be sure buying your car online or in person at one of our dealerships means you’re purchasing a pre-owned vehicle that is one of the best used cars for sale in the UAE.

You’ll also receive 12 months roadside assistance on select models, and some enticing trade-in deals that you wouldn’t get if you decided to buy your car through private sales.

Whenever you want to buy a car, you need to make sure that you’re spending your money on a car that will meet your needs, your expectations, and provide real value for money. Because Lexus cars hold their value well compared to many other brands, the resale value is considerable so if you want to trade in an earlier model for the latest 2019 or 2020 Lexus series, you’ll get a fair offer that you can put towards your next vehicle from Lexus AE.

Lexus Pre-Owned Showroom Marsa Plaza

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