Dubai, UAE, 13th September 2015: Lexus announced the return of the annual Lexus Short Films series, in collaboration with the Weinstein Company – but with a new, exciting twist for filmmakers. For the first time ever, the Lexus Short Films series is open to submissions from aspiring directors from the worldwide filmmaking community. Emerging filmmakers can submit a short film of 20 minutes or less as an example of their past work for consideration through, in collaboration with Withoutabox (, the leading service for film festivals and filmmakers.

“Lexus’ mission through Lexus Short Films is to support up-and-coming filmmakers, and recognize their work on an international stage,” said Chris Buxton, General Manager at Al-Futtaim Motors – Lexus. “The large number of short films produced in the UAE over the last decade is testament to the amazing talent the UAE possesses and we believe this initiative provides the local film community a unique opportunity to bring their imagination to life, on an international level.”

This year’s theme is “Anticipation” – a word that is a provocative and nuanced thought starter, which provides filmmakers an innovative platform for their imaginations. Filmmakers are invited to interpret the meaning for their own narrative and to tell a story based around their vision. Submissions are accepted through October 25th, 2015. Four finalists will then be selected and announced during the closing ceremonies at the Napa Valley Film Festival, USA, on November 15, 2015. Production of the films will begin in December 2015.

The four global finalists will direct short films that will be produced courtesy of The Weinstein Company. The films will receive promotional theatrical distribution, as well as participate in a tour of top film festivals around the world. Filmmakers will also receive an at-home filmmaking and editing suite. The filmmakers will return to the 2016 Napa Valley Film Festival where all four films will be screened together for the first time in a world premiere event.

Eligibility requirements:

To be eligible, the writer/director must meet the following requirements:

1) Must be 18 years of age or older

2) Must have written & directed at least 1 short film that has been accepted to a film festival or be a film student currently enrolled in film school. All entrants will be asked to list name and year of all festival participation, awards won and/or film school program including years of attendance.

3) Must have never directed a feature film.

4) Must be able to write & speak in English.

5) Must be eligible and available to work from Nov 15, 2015 to Dec 15, 2016

6) Must be eligible and able to travel to the United States

7) Must not be a member of any guild or union that would govern entrant's writer or director services (such as WGA, DGA, etc.)

8) Must not have pre-existing deal with another film or TV studio

Submission requirements:

All submission requirements must be satisfied. Writer/Director teams may submit but all members of the team must meet all submission criteria.

1) Must submit a short film that best exemplifies work as writer & director. Short film should be between 2-20 minutes in length, in English or accompanied by English subtitles, and have been completed between January 2013 and date of entry. All applicants must submit via Secure Online Screener via Withoutabox and may be required to provide a DVD upon request.

2) Must indicate which country entrant is submitting for. Must be a former native or current resident for a minimum of 3 years to qualify.

3) Must submit written biography that does not exceed 500 words in length.

4) Must submit written resume that does not exceed 2 pages in length.

5) Must submit headshot or photo. Please upload a photo to your Withoutabox Press Kit.

6) Entrants have the option to submit a directing reel as supplemental material that is under 5 minutes in length. To do so, please submit this via your Withoutabox Press Kit under “Trailers & Clips”.