Dubai is renowned for the unparalleled luxury and lifestyle it offers residents. Transportation in the emirate is no different. The city has always invested heavily in acquiring the best and most modern public transport systems available. Dubai Taxi, the Metro, the Water Bus and Limousines offer residents a plethora of choices for ultimate comfort. Most importantly, these modes of transport do not weigh heavily on their conscience! We, after all, have over 800 Camry Hybrids plying on the amazing roads of the UAE.

As you read this, Al-Futtaim Motors is currently testing the advanced Lexus ES Hybrid for fleet use later this year. Dubai Taxi is slated to be the first operator of these eco-conscious vehicles in the UAE. This will be key in our endeavor to support RTA’s plans of converting 50% of all taxis to hybrid vehicles. This would mean a whopping 4,750 hybrid taxis by 2021. Today, Toyota supplies around 93% of all Dubai Taxis, which stands as testimony to Toyota’s legendary Quality, Durability and Reliability, and to our excellent after-sales service.

Over the years, Lexus has enjoyed sustainable growth in the UAE luxury car market where customers’ appreciation for quality, luxury and performance has been reaching new heights. We expect to hold on to our market share, especially considering that we will be introducing highly anticipated vehicles, some for the first time ever in the UAE. Besides, the present ES350 model has proven to be highly successful thanks to its superb quality and reliability, which has allowed it to enjoy high penetration in the limousine business. Moreover, the introduction of the new ES Hybrid should help increase sales even further. Up until now Toyota Motor Corporation has sold over 10 million hybrid vehicles across the world, including 1 million Lexus Hybrids.

We are truly happy because this past year has been one of the most successful years for Lexus, thanks to the limousine business. Al-Salaam Limousine was our biggest customer accounting for the highest number of Lexus ES 350s sold in 2016. We are deeply thankful to them for investing their confidence in our vehicles. We hope to take this relationship to even greater heights in the coming months and years.