Condé Nast International and Lexus today announced their first creative collaboration with a four-part film series: “Journeys in Taste”. The series of short films documents the visionary journey of culinary luminaries from around the world - including chefs who embody a spirit of adventure, innovation and dedication to their craftsmanship. The videos will be published across ten international editions of Vogue, GQ and Condé Nast Traveller and the Lexus network. The series has been conceived by Condé Nast Creative Studio International, a centralised creative team based in London.

"Our partnership with Lexus is ambitious both in terms of scale and creativity; our network of creative and operational talent spanning the globe have created a film series that lives up to the exceptionally high standards set by both Condé Nast and Lexus. It is storytelling at its very best, distributed seamlessly across multiple markets," said Jamie Jouning, Chief Revenue Officer Condé Nast International.

The films feature talent including winemaker Emma Gao, alongside chefs Vladimir Mukhin and Miles Thompson and will be selectively published in Australia, Canada, China, France, Japan, India, the Middle East, Russia, South Africa, the UK and US. Insightful, curious and engaging, the pilgrimage sees each chef explore the notion of taste through the building blocks of their craft, giving insight into the expertise and artistry that goes into creating some of the greatest culinary experiences.

The parallels between crafting the finest luxury automobiles and an exceptional culinary experience are what inspired Lexus to embark on this project. In its own way, each film reflects the thoughtfulness, craftsmanship and imagination that go into creating every Lexus vehicle to deliver an amazing experience.

“At Lexus, creating a unique sense of taste is something that we strive for in the design and crafting of our products. The Condé Nast partnership has allowed us to tell that story in a way that is relevant to our brand and engaging for the audience,” commented Spiros Fotinos, Global Head of Brand and Marketing Lexus.

“Journeys in Taste” debuts across Vogue digital platforms with vintner Emma Gao leading an insightful, poignant road trip across Northern China. Here, she showcases how she masters the taste of the land, and that the most exquisite wine and food is worth travelling for. Gao is known fortransforming China’s wine scene with her uncompromising technique: using high-end French oak barrels where she cold-macerates grapes to extract more flavour and avoiding tampering with sugar. Having spent years honing her craft in France, Gao made a return to her native Ningxia Hui in a bid to make it the new Napa Valley.

The remaining films will feature on GQ and Condé Nast Traveller up until May 2019.

The second act of the series features fifth-generation chef Vladimir Mukhin of The White Rabbit, on a visit to his world-renowned restaurant as a criterion of Moscow taste. Mukhin is renowned for revitalising classic Russian cuisine with his farm-to-table restaurants with a mission is to bring back elevated, fresh ingredients, often grown on his own farms. His modern flavour combinations and global perspective ensures it looks to the future and attracts new generations of diners. As he journeys across Moscow in search of aspects for a new dish, Mukhin ruminates on the role of tradition in modern sophistication, referencing his grandmother’s old ways.

Prolific young chef Miles Thompson features in the third film. Responsible for revitalising one of the most iconic restaurants in America, Michael’s Santa Monica, Miles is dynamic, urban, exploratory and energetic. He has a restless vision and is leaving Michael’s - on very good terms, no less - to put his energy into a dynamic new project that will be the talk of 2019. The film opens at Michael’s before Miles takes the UX on a journey to experiment with this new culinary project, revealing the influences behind his highly acclaimed taste while building the menu of the future; one that defines urban living today.

The final act of the series will be announced in due course.

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