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Dubai, UAE – 14 April 2016: Lexus International announced recently that an elite judging committee has named ‘AGAR PLASTICITY - A Potential Usefulness of Agar for Packaging and More’ by AMAM, the Grand Prix winner of the Lexus Design Award 2016.

“This is a bold and ambitious experiment, which aims to address one of the biggest pollution problems of our time. The designers have made tremendous progress during the course of the award cycle, particularly in devising a wide range of possible practical applications for the material. Their success in doing so gives us confidence in their ability to tackle the many challenges and complexities they will face in continuing the development of the project,” said Alice Rawsthorn, Lexus Design Award 2016 Judge.

Takayuki Yoshitsugu, Chief Representative, Middle East and North Africa Representative Office, Toyota Motor Corporation congratulated the AMAM team for their winning project, stating “they have displayed great imagination and creativity in creating this project while keeping in mind the theme of ‘Anticipation’ for this year’s award. The emergence of such talented designers is a fitting tribute to the objective of the Lexus Design Award which is to encourage and find worthy designers and help them to make an impact on the world of design.”

Yoshitsugu continued: “At Lexus, design is not only an essential cornerstone of making superlative vehicles, but also a way of using innovative design to make the world a better place. We would like to thank our customers in the Middle East for their support of our initiatives related to shaping the future of design.”

The selection was made based on presentations by the four prototype finalists at the ‘Lexus – An Encounter with Anticipation’ exhibit at Milan Design Week 2016. The works of all twelve finalists are on display, including the Grand Prix winner’s prototype, the three other prototype works, and the eight panel displays of the remaining finalists. This year's Lexus Design Award drew 1,232 submissions representing a wide variety of highly innovative ideas from 73 countries. In keeping with the theme of ‘Anticipation’, many submissions were designed as yet unseen or undefined concepts that are likely to be realized in the near future.

Lexus International currently has a public exhibit called ‘Lexus – An Encounter with Anticipation’ in Torneria, Milan. The exhibit will present a unique encounter that features a special collaboration between the widely acclaimed design team Formafantasma and Michelin Star winning chef Yoji Tokuyoshi.

Lexus – An Encounter with Anticipation

‘Lexus – An Encounter with Anticipation’ provides an unexpected and incomparable encounter that invites visitors to experience the world of anticipation. Visiting Japan, Formafantasma was impressed by Lexus’ commitment to excellence in craftsmanship, integrity in its production and responsibility in its use of technology. Anticipating the future, Lexus invites visitors to imagine what is yet unseen, and to see how Lexus delivers surprise and enchantment that create amazing experiences.

Lexus designed the three areas within the exhibition space to provide an immersive experience as visitors take a journey into its world of anticipation.

Area 1: Discovering Craftsmanship

Lexus enables visitors to discover its commitment to craftsmanship and building fine cars in this area. The 18 beautiful stools positioned here are finished using the same paint process as that used on the Lexus LF-FC flagship concept, which was premiered at the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show. By viewing and touching these stools, visitors are able to experience the quality and depth of the colours. Also on display are the works of the twelve finalists, including the four prototypes, from which ‘AGAR PLASTICITY – A Potential Usefulness of Agar for Packaging and More’ by AMAM was named the Grand Prix winner, as well as eight panel displays. The winning designs of Lexus Design Award 2016 evoke a sense of anticipation, inviting visitors to walk through and discover the next generation of creators.

Area 2: Revealing the Unexpected

Lexus brings shape to previously unimagined designs, and does so in unexpected fashion. In the centre of a room with walls inspired by Japanese shoji, a dynamic floating three-dimensional image of the LF-FC takes shape in an unexpected way. The design creates a sense of anticipation as the viewer watches the concept assume physical dimensions. The display pays homage to the constant search for perfection demonstrated by the Lexus design team as they anticipate the future of mobility.

Area 3: Sensing Innovation

Lexus continually anticipates the needs of people and the environment as it demonstrates a keen sense for forward thinking and innovation. Inspired by the hydrogen-powered LF-FC, the installation uses advanced hydrogen fuel cell technology to light a kinetic sculpture inspired by the shape of a hydrogen atom, anticipating a future with clean technology that generates electricity while producing clear water as its only emission.

Clear water then becomes the inspiration for culinary treats, as Chef Yoji Tokuyoshi integrates water’s buoyancy and transparent properties to create a unique taste experience served with the spirit of Japanese hospitality. His first dish presents nasturtium leaves topped with a sweet and sour berry paste floating on a pool of clear water. The two flavours mix in the mouth, delivering an unexpected taste experience. The ingredients of his other dish symbolise things that may be seen or may remain imperceptible but hint at the unexpected. As the visitor consumes the clear seafood broth, a transparent ball of natural gelatine is revealed, delivering an unanticipated treat as it fills the mouth with a fresh citrus flavour.