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Lexus UX 2021 exterior silver parked next to expensive villa
Creative Urban Explorer A bold evolution of the Lexus L-finesse philosophy, the UX was conceived as a new genre crossover, a fusion of emotional dynamism, robust security and sophisticated play fullness that proactively embraces fresh challenges and lifestyles.
Lexus UX 2021 Backlight expressive stunning
Expressing the YET philosophy The seamless fusion of the condensed solid form of the exterior and interior creates a feeling of unity, in a highly attractive urban design that elevates driving pleasure and satisfaction.
Lexus UX 2021 orange driving in a highway
Lexus UX 2021 screen remote control system
SCREEN REMOTE CONTROL SYSTEM Lexus offers several features to help the vehicle driver on using the vehicle's characteristics easily, such as sound control system, navigation system and maps and roads browsing through a screen remote control.
Lexus UX  2021 engine
PERFORMANCE The advanced 2.0-liter inline 4-cylinder engine generates a sophisticated blend of powerful performance with exceptional fuel efficiency and environmental friendliness.
Lexus UX 2021 interior red f sport
Lexus UX 2021 women opens the backdoor with her feet
HANDS-FREE POWER TRUNK Even if both hands are full , when carrying the electronic key you can open and close the trunk lid automatically by moving you foot under rear bumper.
Lexus UX 2021 drive mode selector
DRIVE MODE SELECT You can tune the performance of the UX to suit your driving style. Selecting Eco Mode changes the throttle control and air conditioning characteristics for fuel-efficient eco-driving. Comfort Mode adjusts the suspension for a super smooth ride. Sport S Mode and Sport S+ Mode powertrain settings for dynamic acceleration.



To help check the surroundings, the system shows a bird’s-eye view of the vehicle on the EMV display, using a composite image taken by cameras mounted on the front, sides, and rear of the vehicle.


For wireless charging of batteries , simply place qi-compatible smartphones and electronic devices on the charging tray in the center console box


To assist safe reversing, RCTA uses quasi-millimeter-wave radars in the rear bumper to detect approaching vehicles in difficult-to-see areas behind the vehicle. When an approaching vehicle is detected, RCTA alerts the driver using a buzzer and indicator in the relevant door mirror.


When AHB system detects the lights of an oncoming vehicle or the tail lights of a car in front, it automatically controls switching of the headlamps from high beam to low beam and adjusts the illumination range in response to the movement of the detected vehicle, enhancing nighttime driving by enabling more frequent use of the high beams.


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