Take a look at the 2020 Lexus LS as we take you for a walk around to learn more about the top features that complements your choice.

New Lexus LS 2021 exterior front silver
THE FLAGSHIP OF LEXUS The Lexus LS is a true marvel of craftsmanship and design. Announcing its class-leading styling is a striking spindle grille, which is part of the bold new L-finesse design. Its advanced aerodynamic, aggressive exterior is achieved with specially designed front guards, bumper, bonnet, and wheel rims.Welcoming you when you approach is the Advanced Illumination system that radiates a warm glow from external and in-cabin LED lights.
New Lexus LS 2021 spindle grill
UNIQUE SPINDLE GRILL The LS is a perfect fusion of unparalleled luxury and unrelenting performance. Introducing a radical new design of the spindle grille, inspired by Japanese Takumi craftsmanship. It consists of 5032 facets and needed six months to calibrate
New Lexus LS 2021 exterior side silver
Lexus LS 2021 interior red
SHIATSU MASSAGE SEATS The rear seats feature 7 stages of massage, inspired by the Japanese Shiatsu technique for tension easing, which can be controlled using a touch-panel controller. So sit back and relax.
New Lexus LS 2021 interior back rear seat entertainment
REAR SEAT ENTERTAINMENT SYSTEM For superb entertainment on the move, this system offers a home theater experience in the rear seats. It incorporates a Blu-ray Disc player that supports various media, large 11.6-inch, and a convenient SD card with HDMI.
New Lexus LS 2021 touch control adjustment
New Lexus LS 2021 interior omotenashi design
OMOTENASHI-INSPIRED INTERIOR The essence of Japanese hospitality or “OMOTENASHI” from ambient lighting and a quiet serene interior, to the updated reclining rear seats with massage.
Lexus LS 2021 interior red KIRIKO GLASS TRIM
KIRIKO GLASS TRIM A unique glass treatment that is inspired by traditional Japanese techniques and the skills of KIRIKO artisans to design a "Lexus First" produced and treated using advanced technologies.
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