Ultimate Experience of Visionary Anticipation The next-generation LS realizes the “Ultimate Experience of Visionary Anticipation”, a uniquely creative and emotional experience made possible by Lexus vision designed to capture the hear ts of the next wave of world leaders
TAKUMI CRAFTSMANSHIP in developing the LS we focused on the fusion of its personality and emotional appeal as a flagship sedan, with performance that delivers the pinnacle of elegance, comfort and environmental friendliness, and perceived qualities defined by unique Japanese Takumi craftsmanship and advanced production technologies
Lexus LS Hybrid 2020 spindle grill
Multi Stage Hybrid System The Multi Stage Hybrid System’s 10-speed shift control provides a direct acceleration feel that follows the increase in engine rpms, together with excellent shifting rhythm.
Lexus LS Hybrid 2020 interior
ORIGAMI HAND PLEATS Inspired by the traditional Japanese art of Origami paper folding, four years in the making.
Lexus LS Hybrid 2020 white interior
OMOTENASHI-INSPIRED INTERIOR The essence of Japanese hospitality or “OMOTENASHI” from ambient lighting and a quiet serene interior, to the updated reclining rear seats with massage.
Lexus LS Hybrid 2020  smart cooling system interior
LEXUS CLIMATE CONCIERGE The Lexus Climate Concierge concept realizes a human-centered approach to individual occupant comfort. The system automatically controls the cabin temperature, and the Comfortable air seats that directly touch occupants

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