New Lexus LC Convertible 2021 Silver Open area open door women enjoying
DESIGN Innovative design and meticulous craftsmanship open up the beauty of the LC to create a bold and distinctive identity befitting a Lexus convertible, expressed in the sleek, flowing silhouette that accentuates the unique convertible character.
New Lexus LC Convertible 2021 red interior open door lady driving
INTERIOR Designed to be viewed from the outside and experienced while cocooned inside, the cockpit blends the innovation and authentic craftsmanship synonymous with Lexus luxury comfort with the unrestricted enjoyment of nature.
New Lexus 2021 LC Convertible silver driving around the mountains fast women driving
Lexus LC Convertible powerful engine
PERFORMANCE The LC Convertible evolves the LC’s ‘Even Sharper, More Refined’ driving performance, further honing the clear linear steering and exceptional driving rhythm that unify car and driver. Whether cruising the freeway or climbing a mountain road, you’ll savor the exhilarating driving feel, boosted by the sensual engine sound and oneness with nature you can only fully experience with the top down.
New Lexus 2021 LC Convertible ocher interior smart cooling system
Lexus Climate Concierge The Lexus Climate Concierge automatically controls the cabin temperature, seat, steering wheel and neck heaters, and Ventilated Seats for the front seats. It realizes different control settings depending on whether the soft top is open or closed. When the soft top is open, in addition to the control settings for when the top is closed, the Concierge responds to the vehicle’s speed, optimizing the temperature to embrace occupants in a refined and relaxing environment.
New Lexus 2021 Silver LC Convertible women driving fast in the desert
New 2021 LC Convertible limited blue edition roof system opening in action
Fully automated roof system The fully automated roof system sets the LC Convertible apart. The compact soft top conveys a feeling of lightness, crafted to create a distinctive roofline when closed, and a beautiful silhouette when open and stored under the tonneau cover.
New Lexus 2021 LC Convertible technology aerodynamics fast air flow
Aerodynamics Building on the LC’s meticulous approach to refining the flow of air both over and under the vehicle to enhance aerodynamics, further research into the changing aerodynamics when the roof is open helps maintain a pleasant air flow in the cabin, whether driving in the city or at high speed on the open road.
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