Take a look at the 2020 Lexus GS as we take you for a walk around to learn more about the top features that complements your choice.

Lexus GS Hybrid 2020 exterior white driving
EXTERIOR L-Finesse Design and Class-Leading Aerodynamics - Starting afresh, our designers gave the GSh a dynamic look, with the dramatic, purposeful 'spindle grille' as the focal point
Lexus gs hybrid led headlamps
LED HEADLAMPS The low and high beam headlamps use the latest LED technology which provides exceptional illumination while saving energy. These LED headlamps with Intelligent AFS and Automatic High Beam System provide optimum visibility and convenience to the GSh driver.
Lexus GS hybrid 450h 2020  black
Lexus GS hybrid 450h perfomance engine
PERFORMANCE The Perfect Full Hybrid Technology The V6 engine and powerful electric motor work seamlessly alongside each other to provide 338hp, which offer extraordinary sport driving.
Lexus gsh 450h f sport exterior silver
F SPORT Exclusive F-SPORT Control And Finish - The GSh F-SPORT package refines the interaction between driver and car to deliver the precise input and feedback required for sports control at the heart of exhilarating driving.
Lexus GSh 450h interior red and black
Lexus gsh 450h 2020 remote touch control red interior
REMOTE TOUCH DEVICE GEN.2 Using the second-generation Remote Touch device, you can interact with the car's advanced equipment to navigate using high-definition maps, or enjoy a home theatre experience with the 17-speaker Mark Levinson Premium Surround Sound System
Lexus GS hybrid 450h interior red and black
Ergonomic Cockpit, Luxury Touches The GSh delivers intuitive and relaxed control thanks to an ergonomic cockpit layout clearly separated into display and operation zones to help minimize driver eye movement, and details like the 12.3-inch EMV (Electro Multi-Vision) display as standard.
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