E-Call System 

Q: What is E-Call ?

In the event of a collision, E-Call automatically establishes a two way voice communication via the cellular network to the nearest Emergency Center. In addition to the voice communication a data message is sent to the Emergency Center.

Q: Can E-Call be activated manually ?

Yes, it can be activated manually by pressing the SOS button located in the overhead console next to the cabin lights. In case, the call does not go through due to poor network coverage, a call to 999 must be made using other communication devices.

Q: How can I identify the E-call status in my car ?

The SOS button is located in the overhead console next to the cabin lights, it has a red and a green light as status indicator. After switching on the car, the red light illuminates for 10 seconds and then turns green. This indicates that the E-Call system is live.

If the status light does not turn green or the red indictor light keeps flashing, this indicates a malfunction or poor network coverage. Please report this to the nearest Lexus service center or call 800-Lexus.

Q: What is the meaning of a flashing green light on the SOS console ?

The system is trying to reconnect an ongoing call with the authorities.

Q: What can I do if the status light turns red or I hear a continuous beeping sound from the SOS device ?

This indicates a malfunction of the E-Call device. Please visit the nearest Lexus service center or call 800-Lexus.

Q: How to deactivate E-Call if the SOS button is pressed accidentally?

Please press the SOS button again within 5 seconds of touching the SOS button and the call will be cancelled.

Q: If the E- mcall does not get cancelled after pressing the SOS button, what happens ?

The call will be answered by the local authorities and they must be informed that the call was made accidentally.

Q:Which Lexus vehicles currently have this feature

LC500 convertible 2021 model only.

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