Zahra Dar: Mastering The Art Of Success

A dreamer by nature and curator by choice.

That's Zahra dar, a young Saudi artist who brings her unique imagination to life through her works of art.

Zahra is dexterous with sculpture, painting, art installation, performance and various other disciplines of art, making her a thorough and rare creative. Her work, according to art connoisseurs, expresses a unique journey, be it physical or emotional.

Her curations have been a subject of the muse at many prestigious galleries like Athr Gallery, Al Serkal Avenue and Ministry of Culture Saudi Arabia. She credits her growth and success to the valuable company and guidance of the veteran artists of the region

In the early days of her career, Zahra had her share of struggle when trying to make her mark in the local art scene. That is why she is keen to extend her support to the budding artists by sharing the knowledge she has gained through the years. In fact, she is working on building a creative space in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, where artists alike can express and exhibit their work. She feels the creative space will give knowledge and confidence to the young artists around the Kingdom and encourage them to make an entry into the field of art.

Born and raised in Jeddah, Zahra moved to Canada, Spain and the USA for further studies. She has gained an in-depth understanding of human behaviour and society while studying sociology and anthropology at Concordia University in Canada. After completing her course in contemporary arts, she moved to Barcelona, where she worked as an installation and performance artist.

Zahra is driven by a vision of bringing people together and showcasing Saudi Arabia’s culture to the world. According to Zahra, what truly sparks her imagination and triggers her creativity is her Lexus LC. She feels connected and in harmony with her thoughts whenever she is driving her Lexus.

According to Zahra, the power and performance of her Lexus LC invoke all five senses, which is of utmost importance for an artist to express her innermost thoughts.


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