Bold. Passionate. Innovative.

That’s alia mazrooei for you in just three words.

But there’s much more to her than the calm and composed outward appearance.

Her relentless passion for art, impeccable attention for finer details and an exceptional sense of craft has taken her far and beyond.

From a childlike fascination for shapes and spaces to world-acclaimed knowledge and skill of interior designing, she has had a remarkable journey.

Alia was born with a unique sense of imagination. As a child, she would picture circular windows and square doors. 

This ability of reimagining possibilities and challenging conventions has led her to explore a whole new dimension in design. 

Today, she continues to draw inspiration from her surroundings – particularly from the landscape, plants and animals around her.

Her focus and commitment during the creative process reflect on her wall; literally. She decorates her bedroom wall with sketches, designs, pictures, articles and everything that sparks her creativity.

To this day, Alia creates the first prototype of each new furniture design with her own hands. As someone who puts a lot of thought and attention to detail into her own creations, Alia appreciates the finer details and delicate craftsmanship she finds in the interior design of the new Lexus UX.

The young gifted designer has won international accolades and awards, has represented the UAE at global design forums, and according to her, she still has a long way to go.

The craft, the progressiveness and boldness that we see in Alia and her work echoes in equal measure in the new Lexus UX. A mechanical counterpart, as Alia likes to refer to her Lexus, perfectly complements her persona in more ways than one. 

For her, the new UX is not just a carrier of her dreams, but a reflection of her charismatic spirit and earnest drive to set new milestones.

In her own words, what makes Alia Mazrooei’s exciting journey all the more enjoyable is a befitting companion - a Lexus UX that mirrors her values, passion and the quest for precision.



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