The 2018 Lexus LS is a true marvel of craftsmanship and design. Announcing its class-leading styling is a striking spindle grille, which is part of the bold new L-finesse design. Its advanced aerodynamic, aggressive exterior is achieved with specially designed front guards, bumper, bonnet, and wheel rims.Welcoming you when you approach is the Advanced Illumination system that radiates a warm glow from external and in-cabin LED lights.

Exterior lighting is available with an all-LED package that is both energy-efficient and quick to react. Super high-gloss paint on the alloy wheels reflects the intriguing, subtle sophistication of this Lexus.


The interiors of the 2018 Lexus LS features an instrument panel divided into two distinct zones, with a 12.3 inch multi-display LCD above and the new generation Lexus Remote Touch in the lower operating zone. Matching the wooden trim is a stunning Shimamoku (stripped wood) steering wheel, created by experienced craftsmen over the course of 38 days and 67 manufacturing steps. An analogue clock with illuminated hands, aluminium dial and GPS link, self-adjusts when you cross time zones. Refined touches abound with leather upholstery and stitching creating a befitting texture.

For complete restfulness in the rear seats there is the option of Ottoman therapeutic pressure relaxation system. Adding to Lexus LS comfort is Climate Concierge, which automatically adjusts the AC, together with seat and steering wheel temperature, to a pre-set level for the four independent climate zones. Acclimatisation is further hastened by rapid cooling seats. Completing Lexus LS hospitality is a Blu-ray media player and 9-inch VGA display that provides a high-definition movie experience in the rear seats. Cabin quietness is enhanced by Noise Reduction Wheels with hollow rims that cut out tire sounds.


With the Lexus LFA as a reference point during its development, the 2018 LS has been further refined to deliver an even greater performance. A more agile platform has been achieved with laser welding and an innovatively bonded body structure that also adds strength and lightness for a stable, smoother ride. Acceleration, seamless shifting, control and fuel efficiency is easily adjusted by the turn of the Drive Mode Select dial which offers four distinct driving styles. Air Suspension allows you to cut safely through sharp turns by applying varying torque to the stabilizer bars and suppressing vehicle roll. The thrilling drive of the Lexus LS is even more engaging in the F SPORT model that provides a distinct sport engine note through its Sound Generator.


The 2018 Lexus LS comes equipped with an Adaptive High Beam system that allows optimum use of the high-beam by automatically lowering illumination range in response to vehicles ahead. Additional safety features for night-time driving include Night View System, which uses near-infra red camera to spot hazards outside the direct beam of the headlight and projects a night vision image of the object on to the 12.3-inch LCD display to alert the driver. Other innovative features include the new Blind Spot Monitor, and Lane Keep Assist, which keeps you on track in relation with the visible lane markings on the road. Designed using proprietary Lexus crash Lexus crash test digital models comprised of millions of data points, the new LS also comes with a comprehensive airbag system that complies with the highest international safety standards.



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