L-Finesse Design and Class-Leading Aerodynamics - Starting afresh, our designers gave the GSh a dynamic look, with the dramatic, purposeful 'spindle grille' as the focal point. Jewel-like LED headlamps help to enhance driver vision, while LED DRL (Daytime Running Lamp) creates a distinctive aura. In profile, the car's muscular stance contrasts its lean waistline and long streamlined body, to shape a unique presence with a spacious cabin for up to five occupants.

Underlying the powerful form, the flared wheel arches hint at dynamic handling. Innovations for the car's class-leading aerodynamics which include smooth underbody covers and integrated aero stabilizing fins on the rearview mirrors rear lamps and floor under covers, contribute to driving stability. Exclusive Front Bumper & Grille - With its distinctive honeycomb 'spindle grille', the eye-catching front of the F-SPORT package makes a bold and assertive design statement. The lower grille

section incorporates an integral spoiler which is complemented by two separate air intakes to assist cooling of the powerful brakes and 19" F-SPORT alloy wheels that make a definitive statement.

LED Headlamps - The low and high beam headlamps use the latest LED technology which provides exceptional illumination while saving energy. These LED headlamps with Intelligent AFS and Automatic High Beam System provide optimum visibility and convenience to the GSh driver.

Smart Entry and Exit With Card Key. Entry and exit out of the GSh is easily managed by a smartly designed Card Key. Working along with the revolutionary SmartAccess feature you can lock and unlock doors, open the trunk and even start the ignition-while the Card Key is still in your pocket. Its compact design also means that it neatly fits in a wallet or purse too, while the car sensors detect its presence and immediately unlock doors when you touch the handle.


Ergonomic Cockpit, Luxury Touches - The GSh delivers intuitive and relaxed control thanks to an ergonomic cockpit layout clearly separated into display and operation zones to help minimize driver eye movement, and details like the 12.3-inch EMV (Electro Multi-Vision) display as standard. Using the second-generation Remote Touch device, you can interact with the car's advanced equipment to navigate using high-definition maps, or enjoy a home theatre experience with the 17-speaker Mark Levinson Premium Surround Sound System. Spacious Luxury Cabin, 16-Way F-SPORT Leather Electric Seats. The spacious and tranquil cabin of the GSh F- SPORT provides excellent support, to keep you serenely relaxed even on long journeys. Behind the beautifully crafted F-SPORT steering wheel is the sumptuous front seats tailored for comfort with side, lumbar, calf and pelvic supports, and seat cushion length - all multi-adjustable according to personal preference. Wide Multimedia Display, Remote Touch Control - The GSh takes display technology to the next level with its large EMV (Electro Multi-Vision) display - a 12.3-inch, full-colour LED screen in wide format. The screen's size and clarity enable the display of two types of information simultaneously, such as a map and the audio system. The driver and front seat passenger can interact with the display using second-generation Remote Touch that moves the pointer on the display screen just

like a computer mouse. Exclusive F-SPORT Control And Finish - The GSh F-SPORT package refines the interaction between driver and car to deliver the precise input and feedback required for sports control at the heart of exhilarating driving. This focus on sporting control is evident in the individual elements from the moment you sit in the supportive comfort of the leather sports seat with 16-way adjustments to personalize your driving position, grip the dimpled leather of the steering wheel and F-SPORT shift lever, and depress the drilled aluminium sport pedals. The F-SPORT pedigree is expressed in sporty details throughout the cabin, including aluminium trim and scuff plates which also feature a jet black Lexus logo, the F SPORT emblem integrated in the steering wheel and exclusive black upper trim and ceiling.17-Speaker Mark Levinson Premium Audio - The audio system of the GSh represents the next generation of clarity in Lexus sound. Delivering 7.1-channel digital surround sound, this peerless top-of-the-range system provides a true live concert experience for enjoying music and watching DVDs.


3.5-Litre V6 Engine - The innovative D-4S (Direct-injection 4-stroke Superior-version) and highly efficient Atkinson Cycle engine is at the heart of this Full Hybrid. EV (Electric Vehicle)-Drive Mode With sufficient battery charge, EV-Drive Mode lets you drive at low speeds using just electric power. EV-Drive Mode is whisper quiet, emissions-free and consumes no fuel. It is suitable for driving in slow-moving traffic or residential areas at night, as well as tunnels or enclosed car parks. Regenerative Braking - When braking or decelerating, kinetic energy which would otherwise be lost as heat is recovered by the high-output generator as electric energy. This is stored in the hybrid battery for later use when driving in EV-Drive Mode or accelerating hard. Power Control Unit - The brain of the Lexus Hybrid Drive, the power control unit, constantly optimizes the allocation of power resources – electric, gasoline, or a combination of both. It also manages the process of charging the compact hybrid battery while the GSh is being driven. 


Advanced Pre-Crash Safety, Radar Cruise Control - The GSh is available with Lexus's advanced pre-crash safety system. This radar technology is also used for the sophisticated radar cruise control. Head-Up Display - The innovative technology projects important driving data onto the windshield. Providing vehicle data such as current speed, engine rpm and gear shift selection directly in front of the driver, the Head-Up Display helps you stay focused on the road. Simplified navigation commands, audio settings or other selected vehicle information can also be viewed through this technology. Blind Spot Monitor System - Radar devices mounted in the rear bumper are connected to the GSh Blind Spot Monitor System. This system constantly monitors blind spots and the moment any vehicle enters this zone, an immediate warning gets displayed in the corresponding door mirror. Rigid Safety Cabin with 10 Airbags - The GSh gives top priority to safety as well. Protecting you and all passengers inside the cabin, is a comprehensive shield of ten SRS (Supplemental Restraint System) airbags with dual-stage SRS driver airbag and dual-stage SRS front passenger airbags, SRS knee airbags and SRS side airbags for the front seats with SRS side airbags for the outboard rear seats (Optional) and SRS curtain shield airbags for the front and rear door windows.



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