Corporate Sales

Al-Futtaim Motors is a highly trusted name in the UAE for corporate sales and fleet-related services. We lead the way for business support and base our success on four key strengths that combine to deliver unrivalled customer satisfaction.​​​​



Lexus has a deserved reputation for quality and reliability in the UAE, having supported motorists in the region for over 25 years. The area's testing conditions mean a consistently high standard of servicing is essential for your business's vehicles. With proper maintenance you can count on Lexus vehicles to perform at their best for years.


At Al-Futtaim Motors, we employ fleet and corporate specialists who have experience working with the region's largest fleets and small businesses. They use this knowledge to develop a line-up of cars for your own company that is perfectly suited to its requirements and budget.​​


Our many services and facilities help to make sure your business fleet is easy and affordable to develop and run. We fully support you by offering finance, insurance and specialist services including SMART repairs, periodic maintenance contracts and repair and maintenance contracts. Speak to your business adviser for more details on the ways we can help you.


By delivering the most suitable models with the market's best residual values and excellent aftersales support, your business benefits from the lowest total cost of ownership. Value is therefore enjoyed for as long as you require a fleet of cars. 


To start benefiting from a business relationship with Al-Futtaim Motors, please get in touch with us by clicking on the below and send us an enquiry.