​We’ve made the impossible, possible: The Lexus Hoverboard is here.


An innovative visual display that tells the story of an illuminated man's journey across the city at night. Director Adam Berg used a series of stuntmen and performers in LED light suits (inspired by the characteristic 'spindle' grille seen on Lexus models) to create a sequence of seemingly impossible movements. The 'Lightman' appears to run across the city's rooftops, jumping great distances and finally landing safely on the roof of the new Lexus RC F. The purpose is to demonstrate how the latest technology can take humans further in their endeavours than ever before.


Aims to challenge assumptions about design, technology and movement. The story takes place at night when the quadrotors (tiny flying machines that use the very latest designs, mapping algorithms and motion sensors from KMel Robotics) take to the city to play as we sleep. This Amazing in Motion project celebrates cutting edge technology, design, innovation and the people that make it a reality.



STEPS required an unusual partnership of the latest technical engineering and materials with the ancient arts of puppetry and choreography. The result was a touching short film telling the story of two larger than life characters crossing the city at night to find a special moment. The design and development of these carbon-fibre characters is a sublime blend of the traditional and ultra-modern.